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Lighting knowledge – decorative lighting choice principle articles

Lighting knowledge - decorative lighting choice principle articles 1 decorative lighting choice principle Select Lighting should follow five principles 1) compatible with the height of the room. Room height of 3 meters, should not be optional the long boom chandeliers and crystal lamps hanging high, otherwise it will hinder security. (2> the same room face right fit. Lighting area not more than 2% to 3% of the area of the room, such as lighting, increase the number, otherwise it will affect the decorative effect. (3) is compatible with the overall decor Chinese, Japanese, European lighting to harmonize with the surrounding decor in order to avoid giving the feeling of clutter. (4) the quality of the environment in the same room to adapt to the special environment of the bathroom, kitchen, etc., should be chosen is moisture, The waterproof special features lighting, in order to ensure the normal use. (5) compatible with the top of the load-bearing capacity. especially the top of the ceiling, there must be sufficient load in order to install compatible lighting. 2. Classification of decorative lighting The lighting is the general term for decorative lighting, and a wide variety of lighting, the shape of the ever-changing, it is very important material in the home renovation project is also the home cage extensive use of decorative materials decoration. According to the place of use of the different, the lighting can be divided into two types of indoor lights and outdoor lights. Indoor lighting can be divided into a fixed form fixed and mobile, dome light, wall lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, can be divided into the installation location is divided. Lighting installed at the top can be divided into ceiling lamps, decorative chandeliers, crystal lamps, bull's-eye lights, spotlights, mahjong lights and other decorative lighting installed at the top, so we introduce the top decorative lighting. 3. Decorative lighting characteristics Lighting is a set of functional and decorative features as one of the decorative material. As lighting indoor lighting facilities, provide bright F as a decorative material for indoor space, it can not only give more monotonous color and shape of the top surface to add new content, but also by the specifications of the lamp, the installation position, shape changes in light intensity adjustment means to heighten the indoor atmosphere, changing room structure feeling, especially Lighting noble materials, elegant styling and brilliant colors, often become the crowning touch to the bedroom decoration. 4. Choice of ceiling lamps and chandeliers Ceiling lamps take up less space, even and soft light, particularly suitable for use in the foyer, hallway, kitchen hygiene and bedroom, etc.. The ceiling lamps currently on the market a variety of materials such as glass, plastic, wood, iron and gold, and cover, curtain-style and other styles. Maintenance and repair of decorative lighting Lighting in the room at the top, is not easy to be contaminated surface dust can be used to bomb the bullets go, be careful not to use a damp cloth to wipe the dust on the surface of the metal, to prevent rubbed off the surface of the gloss, surface dust can with a dry cloth to wipe away dust. The lighting is not bright, should first check the bulb is intact. Bulb damage, according to the original specifications, replace it with a new one; such as light bulbs intact, you should check whether the control switch malfunction, you should buy a new reinstall For replacement; as switch without failure, you should check into the line of lights if there detachment loose. Do lighting maintenance, you should cut off the power line fault, it is best to ask professionals to repair. Lighting of ABC series comparison articles The chandeliers provide comprehensive background light The chandelier is one of the most popular indoor lighting, the single chandelier provides comprehensive background light, but if placed dimmer will be more flexible effect. In addition, careful selection of lampshades is also possible to change the light quality practice. If you use a large open shade, and can be installed on a silver coronavirus bulb, the light will be blooming dispersed some. However, when you in the installation of this type of lighting, its height is also necessary to carefully consider. You do not want the the tall members or guests of the home bumped his head. Projection lamps projection lamp with wash-down highlight special areas Both lamps are embedded into the ceiling halogen, they will be a pleasant light shone down as gurgling water splashed from the top down, and can be used to emphasize the special area in the room. Wall decorative effect is more obvious Wall projection and a variety of blooming light wall lamp, according to the the residential decoration different materials exhibit different style. Either as a background, emphasizing or directions with the light source are very suitable. The sight of the effect they have traction, tend to make the room look larger. Because the decorative effect of this type of lamp function is more obvious than the lighting in the choice of the first to see if it is installed on the wall looks like before deciding. The overturned lamp provides great temperament light background This type lamps are usually can be moved, can be carried. As the name suggests, they are light are projected to the top and then reflected from the ceiling down to show a very light background, the effect of temperament than the ceiling chandeliers come soft. Floor and desktop reading lamp is the best reading light source This table lamp can light projected on the horizontal plane, showing the region decorative pattern of colors and features. They can be used to strengthen any whole or partial light layout;, which itself is a separate and strong light sources. In addition, they also have a changing function, can be used as the reading purposes, can also be used as the light source of the additional removable. Tungsten halogen table lamps light projection because it is very close to the Sun, it is the best reading light. As for the floor or desktop reading lamp is placed, its position is when you stand up or sit down, will not see the light bulb in the lamp shade appropriate. Emphasized the role from spotlight The unique features can be embedded in the ceiling, wall or floor lamps, increase the length of light drag. Its ability to form a focal point of the optical domain countertops or special objects, such as paintings and all kinds of collectibles. Whether it is in the kitchen, living room, studio or bathroom emphasized the role of excellent light source. The strip lamps used for kitchen, bathroom The majority are used in the kitchen, bathroom and garage. Fluorescent strip lamp styling does not look good, it is often hidden in the shade or under cover to avoid objects. However, it can provide full light of the region. The new high density lamp not only emit light more meticulous life extended. Desk lamp should be "hot", "no dead ends" The desk lamp is a standard lighting equipment must be placed in the correct position you need, or on the desk, or Console Tables, also used to emphasize the decorations in front of the fireplace. If you are using energy-efficient lighting, will have to determine its light anti-board the reflected light is uniform, but also to "not hot", "no dead ends". Translucent lampshade lamps emit light like a daylight level, while the open top lampshade allows light projected upwards to the ceiling and then reflected down. The Lighting Knowledge - arrangement of articles The the lights reflect Huatang ---- living room lighting The living room is generally a Fang Mingliang chandelier or ceiling as the main light, with a variety of other auxiliary lighting, such as: wall lamps, downlights, spotlights and other. Main lighting, living room storey more than 3.5m above the living room can choose grade specifications dimensions slightly larger chandelier or ceiling: If the floors below 3m, to use the mid-range luxury chandelier: storey in 2.5m below, to use the mid-range of decorative ceiling or do not have the main light. On one end of the sofa with a table lamp or floor lamp, direct light scattering, for conversation or books, newspapers throughout the sitting area. Can also be placed in the wall appropriate position chic style wall lamp can make the walls of brilliance. If so, murals, display cases, etc., can be set to invisible spotlights to be decorated. Next to the TV, put a miniature low-light incandescent weakened Chamber contrast between light and dark, and help to protect vision. Lamp warm their hearts ---- Restaurant Lighting The focus of the family restaurant lighting decoration table. Lighting generally available chandeliers hanging chandelier can not be installed, in order to achieve the desired effect, too high, can be in the meal's eye level. Rectangular dining table, and then install the the two chandelier or long oval chandelier, chandeliers, Let there be light shading regulator and lifting function, so that doubles as other work with, Chinese pay attention to color, smell, taste, shape and often require brighter warm colors, and enjoy Western dishes, if the light is slightly darker softer, you can create a romantic mood. The ceiling and the walls of the dining room should have plenty of light, otherwise it will affect the appetite, can be used spotlights or wall lamp auxiliary lighting. The beacon contemplation houses ---- den lighting The study of the environment should be gentle, quiet, clean and clear. The best light irradiated from the left shoulder and the upper end or higher brightness without glare lamps installed in front of the desk. Dedicated study of table lamps, should adopt the art table lamp, such as spin wall art table lamp, a table lamp or dimming direct exposure to light on the desk. Generally do not need the full light stealth lights located on the bookcase to retrieve convenient. For a multi-purpose room of the "study", to use the semi-closed, opaque metal work lamp, the light is concentrated invested on the desktop, both to meet the needs of the operating plane, without affecting indoor activities. If reading in a chair, sofa, the best direction and height adjustable floor lamp. Bedroom lighting lights dream shadow ---- The bedroom is a the rest sleeping room, better privacy. Soft, light requirements should not have thorns vision, to make it easier to sleep. Dressing makeup requires a uniform and bright light. Light is not strong in the ceiling can be selected as the basic lighting, placement in the middle of the ceiling; wall lamp can be installed next to the wall and the vanity mirror; bedside with bedside lamps, in addition to the common table lamp base board fixed to the bed by adjustable lamp angle of modern metal lamp, beautiful and practical. Ming kitchen dishes ---- Kitchen lighting The kitchen fixtures selected usually waterproof, anti-smoke, and easy to clean the principle. Usually set in the top of the console embedded or semi-embedded astigmatism ceiling lamps, embedded in a transparent glass or transparent plastic, the masks so that the roof is simple, to reduce dust, oil brings trouble. Stove top General settings range hood, invisible little incandescent hood for the stove lighting. If the kitchen doubles as a restaurant, set in the top of the table throws fire multi-fork-lift or single chandelier. The light source should adopt the warm incandescent, not cool fluorescent lamps. Family if there is no lighting, just like people, no eyes, no eyes family can only live in the dark, so the lights in the position of the family is crucial. Today, the lighting of lamps called lighting, people can be seen, the lighting is not just for lighting, it can be used to decorate the room from the title. Selection of lighting science vision Room lighting, has a very important meaning for human life, it is not only to ensure the normal conduct of the people's daily diet, culture, entertainment, domestic labor, and lighting with its beautiful shape, color, design and artistic effect and interior decoration fused into a unity to family life peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. Lighting market varieties are extremely rich and ever-changing shape, performance vary widely. Lamps of beauty is very important, the beauty of color, the modeling good lighting can bring pleasure. Lighting the entire room decorated integral to its style, material and illumination should the unity and interior functional and decorative style, and in accordance with this principle to buy lighting. The ultimate goal is to make the lamps surrounding various light objects evenly distributed, so that the visual function of people to play a good effect. Since the human eye is not fixed, often from here, indoor decorative lighting brightness distribution over a short period of time may give people bring a bright and brilliant sense, for a long time can cause visual fatigue. Therefore, under various parts of the room functions to scientific buy lighting fixtures. The general residential living room, den, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, hall of points required for the light source is also different because of their different functions. To select a different lamps depending on the room function. The configuration of the living room lamps should be conducive to the creation of stable and generous, warm, warm environment, so guests the intimacy of home. Generally a single or multiple chandeliers installed in the center of the room as the main lights. Sofa back wall hung a banner calligraphy can be installed on both sides of the calligraphy two of the appropriate size of the wall, the sofa can be placed on the edge of a floor lamp. Such lamps arranged both prudent and generous, and can be selected according to the different needs of the light source can be put aroma, touch of dazzle, or a single lamp single, Cuxi reminisce. The study is available for family members places of work and study, require higher lighting levels. General work and study lighting local lighting lamps can be used as well to large power incandescent. The main lighting single fork chandeliers and fluorescent lamps are available, the position is not necessarily in the central, according to the specific circumstances of the indoor decided. Lamp shape, style should not be too gorgeous, the elegant Juanxiu, creating the need for people to read, quiet, tranquil and comfortable environment. Simple bedroom is a place to rest as people sleep, should give people a feeling of quiet, leisurely, to avoid dazzling light and dazzling lighting style. A suspended main lights can be installed in the appropriate position of the room, a bedside wall lamps installed in the head of the bed. Case bedroom doubles as a variety of purposes, installed a ceiling fluorescent light in the middle of the room, in the focus on the need to increase the illumination place to install two wall lamps, these lamps switch control, respectively, to meet different needs. Restaurant people dining, dining table require the level of illumination, it is better to use the strong downward direct rays of the lamps or pull down style lamps, it pulled down the height of 600-700 mm, height of the side of the table, the position lamps are generally at the table just above, the capacity to increase appetite, are used in the more than 60-watt incandescent. Sometimes Restaurant also possesses other function, and therefore need to have more than one outlet to power role as table lamps, floor lamps. The kitchen is used for cooking and washing dishes, general area are smaller, and the majority of the general lighting on the ceiling, the capacity of 25-40 watts. Modern kitchen equipped with a range hood above the stove, generally with a 25-40 watt lights, stove top illuminance has been greatly improved. Modern kitchen chopping, above the pantry stove also has a lot of cabinets, installation of local lights in these cabinets to increase the illumination of the console. The bathroom should be bright and soft lighting, the lamps should be a function of moisture and rust, the light source should be used with a high color rendering index incandescent. Using wall lamp To install the lamp on the vertical walls and curtains to avoid shadows reflected on the window. Installed in the top of the direct steam enveloped the bathtub to avoid using the dome light. Wall lamp or overhead power 40-60 watts is appropriate. Lighting installed in compliance with the lighting principle The room lighting is not only the indoor illuminate, but to be asked to do in accordance with certain principles, will have a good decorative effect, reflecting the illumination function. First, the lighting must ensure that the various activities required for the realization of the different light. Writing, games, rest, parlor, etc., regardless of the kind of activities should have appropriate lighting to play a role. Such lighting should be a scientific light distribution, people do not feel tired, not only conducive to eye health, but also to conserve electricity. Second, to be able to room lighting more flattering. The light irradiation contour level and the main image of the interior was to take care of some special furnishings such as ornaments, paintings, rugs, vases, fish tank, but also embodies even beautify its color. Third lighting to be reliable and security. The lamps not permitted leakage, fire, and other phenomena, but also to be opened on the light, and off went out. The lighting in the position of the light source is important, but this position is selected well, the key is that you want the light source illuminates the object. First, the human major part is a face. The light projected from a different perspective, people would face different expressions, if the person is standing a chandelier just below, direct downward illumination causes the face to become cold and serious. Face shine if there is a lamp from the bottom up, then worse, face will become a terrorist, even ferocious. So in people frequent gatherings in the living room, dining room, sofa group, etc. can not be directly up or down lighting. Side shot direct lighting, so that the light projected from the side of the top of people would be rich, clear face contour lines; such as diffuse style lamps scattered light to project the face, you will gain a clear and approachable image. Second illuminated furniture, this depends on what you want to be up to And to what effect. If you are a new set of modular furniture, you should highlight its color and contour lighting with multiple light sources, you can achieve the effect of furniture shaded. Lighting as a part of the decoration must be different types to arrange the light source and its location. The bedroom both a variety of functions, such as the living room, study, dressing room, and so often in our country. Changing requirements of the homogeneous light from the upper front illuminated, in order to obtain a clear image in the mirror, so light can not be placed in the brain and also set on both sides of the auxiliary light, such as make-up, so that the face of the The hairs can be seen clearly. Read and write need writing desk lamp, indoor lighting can sleep darker softer. But the habit of reading in bed before going to bed and bedside lamps best to adjust the brightness and angle. The simplest way is to installed two lamps, one out of a dark. The living room more functions, such as the parlor chatting, watching TV, listening to music, such as the family next to the audio-visual center also has a small bar, then drink also here. Do not expect to a chandelier solve all the problems. People for a long time, you can use chandeliers, wall lamps and the like to obtain comprehensive lighting and are astigmatism. Available when the talk of the two or three local floor lamps or wall lamps to illuminate the coffee table in front of the sofa, rather than illuminate the people involved in the heart-to-heart talks. When the use of audio-visual center, living room, only a 3 watt lights for background lights made some faint illumination can. Such as residential hall, it is worth a good arrangement, because most can affect a person's mood. A step into the house, the hall if bright and lively, and make the day's work people think that all of a sudden put into the embrace of family spirits, fatigue Dunxiao. This requires installation of embedded tube-type dome light on in the hall flat top, one is not enough can be installed a few color better. Favorite art people, hall, corridor walls, a flat roof made of dark, embedding a few small lights, people feel unfathomable, and immediately stepped into the room is amazing. Course, this chic, but people are not necessarily acceptable, because most people are accustomed to behave. Dining room and kitchen, the kitchen is best to do a comprehensive lighting installed a dome light and and additional spotlights an alignment stove easy to operate. The dining room is the place where people dine, both East and West, attaches great importance to the lighting effects. Westerners pay attention to dine quiet, indoor a softer Pianan used up; China has always been proud of cooking elegant, which is absolutely indispensable dish color appreciation, which requires light must be bright. In order to take into account the two, it is recommended that the suspended lamps, stretching not only retractable cable can be free to determine the height of the lights, red or other beautiful color lampshade also is increased appetite. Residential are generally bathroom put bathtubs, bathroom lighting is nothing more than to take care of the two functions. The bath simply global illumination; wash your face makeup when side-firing light lighting on the face to see the clothes in the washing machine, laundry is clean, local lighting is required. So, the bathroom is simply loaded two lamps, one of the main light, wall lamps, can also be ceiling lamps, 25-40 watts is enough. Other lights installed in the basin above an 8 watt fluorescent available new listed H lamp or other lamps. Elderly living lighting should be bright, slightly lighter, some can get rid of loneliness, increased sense of security, generally just a 40-60 watt incandescent lamps children, as much as possible in shape, lively and some of its brightness according to the actual use of function. Read and write lamp 40 watts is enough, do not use fluorescent lamps, its AC power with the human eye can not perceive the flicker will stimulate the nerve. Lights available when the game lights to illuminate the entire room, the rich interior colors more beautiful. To sleep to open a dedicated 3-watt long light, not only to solve the problem of the children at night afraid of the dark, but also solve the problem of the middle of the night to get up convenient. Lighting & Lamps - a pair of sister love Selection of lamps are often decorated in the puzzle, the endless stream of innovative lighting market, round, square, flat, hanging, hanging, embedded, orange, creamy white, transparent ... choose which is suitable 1. Modeling Although the shape of modern lighting changes a lot, but can not be separated from the antique, innovative and practical three categories. Gorgeous jeweled chandeliers, animal shaped wall lamp, fine lines, decorative luxurious ceiling lamps are modeled after a 18th century palace lamps evolved. This type of lighting is suitable for a larger space on social occasions, give residential brilliant display of luxury. Modeling chic, modern lighting, such as spotlights, bull's-eye Lights, downlights embedded with belong to innovative lighting, as well as a practical class that is usually fluorescent trichromatic energy saving lamps, writing table lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, etc. are used lamps. The shape of these three types of lights in the overall selection should try to pursue serialization. Like palatial be elected the first class of China and impressive lighting; to second class chic style lamps; pursuit innovators optional practical lighting is essential to the time and in the selection of the above choices to move closer, for practical lamps are also antique and innovative two differentiation. 2. Color The color of the lamp should be subordinated to the color of the entire room. Luminous lamp itself, its color is even more compelling, must pay attention to the lamp shade, the color of the shell walls, furniture, curtains in order not to destroy the entire room's overall color design, color coordination. To note here is the shade of lamps distributed object color difference between the object three primary colors red, blue, yellow and mixed with an equal amount of black, the shade of the three primary colors add up to gray objects blue plus yellow green colored light blue plus yellow to yellow-green . Decorators can experiment, a color shade heavier indoor the advanced decorative means. 3. Style Lamps to choose according to their artistic taste and room conditions. First, according to the living conditions of families in the living room in the living room to use more fashionable lamps, such as trigeminal chandeliers, floral wall lamps, multi-section rotating floor lamp. But tense family housing should not be installed too luxurious and fancy lighting, as this will increase the crowding. Should not be installed less than 2.8 m storey room chandeliers, ceiling lamps can only be installed to make the room look higher. Such as built in new residential ceiling fan, then a house can not engage in the two centers, the type of room main light can be used two ways to solve either ceiling fans following the installation of the ring-shaped fluorescent lamp (stereotypes commercially available products, specially equipped with a ceiling fan ) or a 30-40 watt fluorescent lamp mounted in the top of the wall, curtains frame. Called a main light lamps as the whole room lighting, the main light hanging in the center can also be hung on one side, but its brightness is sufficient to illuminate the entire room. Commonly used form the main light chandeliers, ceiling, a wall that fluorescent lamps, circular fluorescent lamps etc.. Original traditional practice of a fluorescent lamp installed in a room which is energy-saving, because does not look good has been eliminated, but the fluorescent lights of high efficiency and low consumption, it is still the most family-like lighting, lighting just use it can be put aside. Generally about 15 square meters room, the power of the main light: 30-40 watt fluorescent lamps, incandescent 100 watts (added by a few power can also be served as a lamp). Height should be close to the roof of the main light and not too low. Now more the popular tricolor efficient lights, the straight tubular U-shaped, double H-shaped, ten-watt lamp equivalent to 70 watts of power, the luminous efficiency is very high. Light color seems too cold, and the shape is beautiful enough, it can only be placed in a secondary site lighting and unsuitable for the bedroom, living room, etc. The main light. Some families the main lights designed for more than one fork chandelier, and a 15-watt candle lights as chandeliers light source, so that when guests come, even if the full-bright chandeliers wall, indoors or very dark, a little taste of discos, bars , guests always have a sense of oppression and not be happy, because the main light did not play to the room with the role of light. Local lighting lamps, commonly referred to as auxiliary lights. Auxiliary lights and the main light in addition to the appearance US's consider, to focus on its lighting effects. Many forms of auxiliary lights, indoor conditions can set up some more. The floor lamp is a partner of the sofa, commonly used in the reception area, this lamp lies in the shade of choice, now commercially available product, there are some very grand, but it needs to be commensurate with the interior layout. Floor lamp pole to local account, and now a new stretch lamp quietly alternative. This stretch not only pretty fancy lampshade lights, but also within a certain range free to stay and push up that can be to illuminate global, pulled low point can only illuminate a circle. Wall lamp with a very wide range, in fact, the wall lamp is mainly to provide a weak lighting. Corridor, balcony, living room wall lamp useless, but not chaos mounted, a few more should not be installed in a room. Wall lamp two categories one is open the front cover a few pieces of tinted glass; another is closed, milky white or other colors of glass to the light source all closed up. The former is in the corridor and other indoor use. The latter can be used in the bathroom, balcony, with lights to consider closed lampshade will weaken the brightness, it should be with the freshman profile. Bedside lamp is also one of the wall lamps, but because of the fixed position, became dedicated equipment. Shade of choice is the key to the bedside lamp, here is the the bedroom most striking place, must choose bedroom style. Table lamp is the most commonly used auxiliary lights, at least the kids do their homework every day with, so be sure to choose a dedicated writing desk lamp, lampshade best orange transparent plastic, bulb optional 40-watt incandescent. As for the non-writing sex table lamp, it should be to shape the United States-based. Vase table lamp, antique bronze table lamp, animal table lamps, etc., should try to use decorating style is consistent with the discharge at off each other to get the effect. Recently, the bull's-eye lights on the market, the barrel embedded lights are dark lights device aimed at an elegant bleak atmosphere, applies only to residential bar area, audio-visual areas, and corridors, etc., it can reduce the flat-topped depression sense, giving a hazy sense of a night in early fall. Spotlights a member of furnishings for indoor concentration irradiation can also be used to highlight the decorative effect of kitchen lighting, have unique benefits. As for the the festival string lights can flicker, it should only display of the Chinese Lunar New Year, usually makes the room appear too noisy. Lighting and decoration - a good brother Lighting is inseparable from the lamps, the luminaire is a concentrated reflection of the lighting, both tools is the completion of the building to create the visual conditions, and is part of the architectural decoration, lighting technology, architectural art continuum. Therefore, the requirements of the lamps must have a functional, economic and artistic. With the building space, furniture, scales, and one ideology, changing lifestyles, lamp light, material, style and set have changed a lot. Important part of the lamps and indoor environment combined can form a variety of different styles of interior ambience, modern lamps not only from the lighting effects in the room, and also to create the atmosphere. Consider indoor lighting should first pay attention to indoor use lighting style unified problems. Chandeliers, wall lamp, table lamp, floor lamp and other lamps used not only each other should be in shape, with the material and color, and unified, more important to the overall décor and interior coordination (indoor space objects shape, color tone of the formation of the total), in order to meet people's aesthetic requirements, create good lighting decorative effect. Lighting can make a wide range of materials, such as metals, ceramics, glass, plastic, bamboo and paper, a wide range of material source. Appropriate choice of lamps material from environmental conditions and material texture and decorative effect, in addition to other than economic considerations, in order to create a different atmosphere. Selection of glass, transparent plastic lamps form the exquisite through tick Wealthy atmosphere. The chrome-plated, nickel-plated metal making lamps shows strong modern. Lamps made of natural materials such as stone, ceramic, bamboo, often gives a simple intimacy. Objects under natural light or artificial light source lighting must have sufficient brightness to showing color, people's eyes to the perception of color when the light disappeared, the color disappears. Light source applied to the artificial lighting incandescent, fluorescent, halogen lamps, high pressure mercury lamp, high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps. For create spatial effect compliance with building and construction conducive to the production activities, cultural activities and building artistic effect, it should be noted the light and the colors complement each other. Light and color, the heating and cooling of the points on the person's psychological feeling, to illustrate the light with a color temperature, color color like both very similar. Therefore, can be flexible with light light color and texture of the interior decoration materials, color and illumination compatible form suitable atmosphere. As warm and soft atmosphere with a low color temperature light, can enhance indoor wood, cloth, carpets and other soft feeling. Place of the hot regions of the South and the use of incandescent, warm white fluorescent low color temperature light sources should be used cold, quiet tones as indoor tone color. Illumination place, should be accompanied by a low color temperature light sources, and the increase in white light illumination increased. The change sometimes To enhance spatial effects, enrich and improve the shape of certain requirements, available light distribution to create a variety of visual effects. Lighting with fabric, decorative pieces to deal with indoor background of practices such as interior decoration often use virtual separated into the area to attract attention by such means as the use of lighting, color and fabric, draperies, floor indoor space. For example, in order to avoid the night visitor door to see the bed can be used the lighter straight spotlights hanging pictures on the wall to highlight the visual center; guests the door after the first draw attention to go there. In another example, the the King deeply yellow lights to increase the small space available.